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How much would my website cost ?

Includes a Responsive site with Domain, Hosting, Designing, Security, Backup, Maintenance on Yearly basis.
Rs.1000 per page
Rs.2500 per 100 image set
Rs.1000 per form
Rs.5000 for 5 users and multiples thereof
Rs. 1000 for 2500 records (250 rows & 10 columns) and part thereof
Rs. 2000 per hour basis.


All costs on per year basis. 18% GST extra
A copy of the estimate will be sent to your ID
Other Customisations or Specific Needs

  • This form gives you a basic estimate of costs for your website.
  • It gives a glimpse of the basic rule of thumb applied in cost estimation.
  • The form also reflects that you can scale your website to any desired level, it just adds to our effort and your costs.
  • Please mail us your requirements and a formal quote shall be mailed to you.
  • Please contact us by mail or by filling the form below if you need more customisations or a more scaled site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common queries, terms and details of the offer etc.


Domain, if we buy for you. This can be transferred to you when you wish. Just ask for it.

Rest -as an access till the subscription is on. (cannot be transferred)

  • Hosting on our servers as long as the time of the contract.
  • Web design, the backbone, platform, themes, code etc.
  • Our support and time.
  • All data (content, text, images, documents, files etc) are your property and you should have the respective ownership or copyrights. We just paste or place them as deemed fit on the site.
  • We do not create data for you.
  • We have a backup in our format, but it is mandatory that you have a backup of all the data at your end.
  • Starts from the day the domain is registered for you.
  • All billing on yearly basis.
  • Renewed automatically, unless cancelled.
  • Reminder mail will be sent 2 weeks before expiry.

For best results

  • .png/.jpeg/ .SVG formats
  • Transparent Backgrouns for logos and important images
  • <1.5mb Max size or <2000*2000 pixels
  • Please send as attachments, not inline in email.
  • To be named properly (helps search engine presence).

Generally for simple data/image updates should be less than 24-48 hours.


If you need deep customizations, we can hire a specialist at extra costs.


If you have the blog module subscribed, we can give access to you for publishing your content directly from your end. It is as simple as sending a mail or a facebook post.

  • We do not offer telephonic support in the current package, only eMail support.
  • We can serve you way better by sending written instructions or confirmations to your requests. They can be stored.
  • For, specific questions or technical issues, our support team has to consult the the web developers. As you can imagine, our developers are not always available for answering questions like these. As soon as our support staff has the information you require, they will contact you instantly by email.

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